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LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn was created with the thought of getting a social network of only professional people. LinkedIn has evolved such a lot in recent years that it’s time to prevent thinking of it as just a social site for recruiting or networking. LinkedIn gives you a chance to attach with the like-minded people in your businessmen. you’ll term this platform as an elite kind of social network. Today, the LinkedIn account has become a kind of must-have attribute for a business professional. As an advertiser LinkedIn platform is great for your business to market your brand to the working class of society.

LinkedIn Ads Formats

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Single Image

You can select a single image that describes best about your products or services

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LinkedIn offers video ads on its platform. After use video ads feature you will get more reach and visibility.

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Carousel Image

In this feature, you can showcase multiple images in a single ad and get brand recognition, and increase your advertising ROI..

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This allows you to to deliver private messages to your potential audience in bulk. this way you'll get them to understand about your offerings and services easily..

LinkedIn Ad Types

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Text Ads

Targeting Options on LinkedIn​

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Gender Based

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Job Title